Interview: Click Click

"Ich bin ein Berliner!"
As the legend goes, these were the infamous words of President John F. Kennedy, translating as "I am a jelly donut!".
As legends go though, this is as urban as Dizzee Rascal with a mic and 2 bitches, as it in fact translates as "I am at one with Berlin".

"Ich bin Berliner!"
Reserved for those actually of Berlin, and as it goes, we've picked one of our favourites to sit down and harass until we've collated all the information we want. In the words of Royce D' 59: Click Click...Boom


Can you give us a quick overview of who you are and what you are about?
CC:Hallo... I´m Click | Click from the Berlin based (minimal) Techno Label KASSETTE Records.

What do you do away from music?
CC:Hmmm... There is no time besides the music. I studied audio engineering („bachelor of recording arts“) in berlin. And now i run the label KASSETTE Records, produce my own music, do remixes for other artists & labels. Above all I´m a DJ and i perform my own music „LIVE“ on stage.

How would you describe your music to someone if they had never listened to you before?
CC:Oooh.... That´s not so easy. I think it minimal Techno, with much 80ies flavour and some housy elements.
Hooky basslines are very important for me.

We hear your love of electronic music started when you heard a Kraftwerk record. Who else inspires you musically?
CC:Everyday i get inspired by all the music i listen to (at home or in the clubs)!
In the past i listened to a lot of different styles of music – punk, grunge, ebm, new wave, post-punk, ...
I´m a child of the 80ies and i love the music from this decade.

You have had quite a few productions this year. Is producing a quick process for you or have you been saving up your work?
CC:It depends... Sometimes i need 2 days and sometimes i need more time. But for me the best tracks are done in 1/2 days - First day for the the idea (bassline, synth, etc.) and the second day for the arrangeent... OK – well... Maybe a third day for listen again and the last final check.

You own and run Kassette Records. Can you give the DB readers a quick insight into you experiences of running a label. What are the pros and cons?
CC:Yes... In 2006 i finished my „ bachelor of (recording) arts“. I knew i would love to work for a label or run my own label. At this time i met ferri (m_ferri) and we decided to start a new (minimal) techno label - we called it: KASSETTE.
Until now our records were produced and remixed by artists like channel x, click box, sweet´n´candy, dustin zahn, skoozbot, afrilounge, randoman, ... as well as ferri and me.
I love the to run a label which is called KASSETTE! ;D

You release tunes with Niko Schwind as Tarifbereich_B. Can you tell us more about this project?
CC:I think i met niko in 2007 - He produced a few eps for ferri´s other lable autist. In this year he moved to berlin and we became good friends...
It´s nice to create a symbiosis between his style and mine.
Our next release will be on KASSETET in spring/ summer 2010...

Assuming you have a plan - what is next? Both production and career wise?
CC:Wow... There are a lot of things i´ll do during the next months.
A next „kassette boys“ ep will be released in februar, new „tarifbereich_b“ ep, another project together with ferri for the label „tonkind“, my next „click | click“ ep..., a few remixes and touring a lot!

A lot of your upcoming gigs are in Berlin.... Any word of when you will be hitting London, Melbourne, or Ibiza?
CC:I don´t know it yet! But i hope SOON! ;D

Finally, what has been the best lesson life has taught you about getting Dain bramaged?
CC:The best lesson? I don´t know... LIVE YOUR LIFE – AND ENJOY IT!

Dankje brother.

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