Social Networking gone wrong?

A new online pastime has been brought to the DB camp's attention, inciting the good, the bad, and the outright wrong.

Sound like your cup of tea? Put the kettle on and have a gander at this then...


Online networking has leaped from one lily pad to the next, with the general formula of having a page with a little bit about yourself (as you so "modestly" consider) to encourage (and in many cases, lure) others to get in touch and become your new best friend.

In a quantum lily pad leap and bound, comes a new player in online communication, picking the next person you speak to all for you.

Using your webcam, microphone, or simply the typing chat window, 'Chatroulette' randomly selects the next person you will talk to, throwing you into an awkward cesspit of conversation with anybody else connected to the site.

So far, we've spoken to Darth Vader, 3 drunk people at a house party, a Turkish guy sat behind the counter of a corner shop (who literally just sat there and pretended to sell us a packet of 20 benson and hedges...oh ha-fucking-ha), a girl who can only be described as an utter slut, and one guy who suggestively started touching his thighs for all and sundry to see.

"Why on earth is this on a website to do with House and Techno exactly?" ... I hear you holler.

Well I haven't finished yet, gobshite!

After pissing off our Turkish amigo, and getting a drunk person to do a handstand on the wall behind him, we carried on clicking the "next" button, passing by some really lonely looking individuals. Time and time again though, we'd stumble across DJ's who'd hooked their microphones up, and positioned their webcams, so that you could watch and hear them play out live from their bedrooms.

Another catchy way for the world to self promote and piss us all off, or just a stupid gimmick that'll fade out in weeks to come?

Either way, check it out for the comedy value :)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

1 Response to "Social Networking gone wrong?"

Anonymous said :
Tuesday, February 02, 2010
ok TAKE 2..the first commet has been erased by my utterly asleep brain!!

As i said in the first attepted we also meet some youngsters in class rooms around the world...France and Sweden!!!

....besides seeing other people's 'Particles" flashed at you from an unknown location it was well FUNNY!!!

Thank You Dain Brameged!!

(secret hand shake)

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