BPM Festival Mexico - Days 3&4

So the last couple of days have been equally as crazy as the first two, and with plenty of amazing music too. I am trying to get some pictures off of the photographers from this week too so you can see what you have been missing. In the mean time have a gander below...


Day 3 - Sunday. I mooched around down at the beach party for a few hours later on the afternoon and caught a guy called Nitin. He is from Canada and friendly with the festival promoters as he has a set most days this week. Was a really nice balearic type set with plenty of melodies - I would definately check him out again as he was perfect for this type of setting.
After a few beers I headed back to the hotel found that shining beacon of all things home that we all long to see on our travels...Burger King. Then I remembered that the menus abroad are never the same and hence could not get an XL Bacon Double cheeseburger. Got some Angus burger type concoction. It was a bit crap. The bun fell apart and it had onions and gherkins in it. Rubbish.
Anyway I think the jet lag and NYE caught up with me. I passed out until midnight before heading down to an awesome little club called La Santanera - where Mr.C had played when I missed him. They had loads of old flyers up and have had some massive names play there like Josh Wink and even Theivery Corpoation! Anyway I caught D.C based Victor Calderone. He is a big deal in the USA and has remixed everyone from Madonna to our very own Sting. His style was quite progressive and for the hour I saw of him he was really good. I just needed my bed as I was so tired.

Yesterday was a real treat. I went down to beach party at about 5pm and caught either Nikoglenn or Neurono. I never found out which one was on(oooops). But this has been the great thing about this festival so far. I have caught a few DJs, and there will be more, that I would have never been exposed to at home. The set I saw was pumping and the people were going apeshit for it. I then had to go a write a load of interviews (see...some work being done). The night party was back at La Santanera with Israeli techno legend Guy Gerber and 2nd wave Detroit techno king Stacey Pullen (who is in my hotel too). Both of them blew me away.
Gerber just made my ears go ape as he drew on his extensive musical repetoire (he loves Joy Division, Soft Cell and Sonic Youth!) to create a awe inspired set. Loads of saxophones and pianos and stupidly good samples. A must see.
Pullen was just dirty. I mean filthy dirty. Relentless drums and basslines that shook my chest. Props to the soundsystem in there....as long as you were near the front it was awesome. The influence of Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins is apparent but he has of course forged his on style. Another must see.

Anyway, there is a 'Freak and Chic' label party on now with Shonky on at 6pm....
Enjoy the snaow if you are back in Blighty. It is the same here. If by the same you mean sunny and hot.


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