Introducing: Unstable (Melbourne, AUS)

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Naomi Campbell after a few drinks;
A gammy throat;
Nails down a blackboard;
Naomi Campbell after a drink;
A dying giraffe;
A badger with a gun;
Naomi Campbell;
One of Melbourne's most up and coming events;

All very uneasy noises, but like a beacon over Bordeaux, only one captures our attention with any real level of interest this month.
Without any more similarities, talk or activity, may I introduce one of Melbourne's most up and coming events (so good, we decided to say it twice), Unstable Sounds.

Successful house and techno nights are few and far between in Melbourne. Every blue moon or so, we're graced with an evening like a jukebox on methadrone.
Unstable Sounds, founded by the progressive techno patron DJ Loki, brings about a new hybrid in its DJ roster. While most nights operate with a promoter, headline act and its fixed residents, Unstable take on a new approach, booking DJ's who make up some of Melbourne's best promoters, DJ's and producers (including Uone, Kaysh and Atonix to name but a few).

With an international vibe and personality, DJ Loki has turned Central Melbourne's Loop bar into one of the best loved underground hubs for dance music. With such status, we pat him on the back like an over enthusiastic auntie after your first school nativity (even if you did get in trouble for telling Mary and Joseph that they needn't bother staying in the barn when you've got a lovely hotel apartment over looking Bethlehem...oops).

Kick starting 2010 with a very special birthday celebration show on January 8th, then an equally special February 12th event with our own Ash Verschuur [UK], Unstable Sounds bring in the New Year with the ease of a knife through your girlfriends U2 album.

Easy peasy fools.

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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TrIpPiNdAyLe said :
Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Unstable sounds ! Awesome work guys! Representing the tru PSY-heart of Melbourne! Loki we love you! Support always...........TrIpPiNdAyLe =P

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