BPM Festival Mexico - Days 1&2


So after a brief spell away from the website (apologies, December was crazy) I am back like a renegade master and will hopefully be writing everyday over the next week all the way from Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

Watch, learn and recognise muchacho's...

Whilst the rest of you return to your mundane jobs tomorrow I will be working from the beach at the BPM Festival, which luckily I have been sent to under the guise of work. I have been instructed to 'soak it all up' so that I can return a forge a PR plan for 2010 in an attempt to persuade more of us lovely Brits to attend in 2011. (I recommend you do already)

It has been a mental few days. I made the rare decision to venture out on a NYE to Eastern Electrics. Steve Bug played a blinder there and even dropped a remix of Hall and Oates 'I can't go for that' early on which seemed to get everyone in the mood. It was an awesome venue in the arches in london bridge and I heard the dubstep room was pretty sick too. (Like I would leave techno for dubstep...)

The downside was me leaving the club at 4am New Year'sDay to head straight to Heathrow for my 0840am flight to the good old of USA. Very long story short (which involved delayed flights, missed connecting flights to Cancun thanks to retarded US customs, sitting next to a giant on the plane who encroached on my leg room, and convincing myself that there were terrorists on board my flight) I arrived in Playa Del Carmen a zombie on Friday evening.

So I missed the first day of the festival, but yesterday was Day 2 and was a great introduction. The day beach party was awesome with Cedric Gervais, Luis Puig (both Space Miami) tearing it up in the day. I only caught the end of Cedric's set which was a shame as his set at the Miami Winter Music Conference via an Essential Mix last year was fucking immense.
After a few too many beers and a tasty burrito I passed out until midnight and then headed down to the night party which was in an amazing club which apparently is still part of the beach as there was sand inside. Dubfire was playing and he was as impressive as I expected following reports from friends who saw him in the UK last year.
The only downside was that I have found out I missed DB favourite Mr.C who was playing in another club here not related to the festival. Can't have it all I guess....

All seems pretty amazing thus far and the Canadians that make up most of the crowd (apart from the Mexicans) are safe as fuck. The promoters all hail from Toronto in Canada and hence alot of their followers are here too. They are aiming to make the event as big as the Miami Conference...and going on what I have seen they are heading that way.

Anyway, enough for now - there is a beach to get to. Check out the details here:




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Anonymous said :
Sunday, January 03, 2010
retard? I'm sure this word is banned in most of the world, especially the educated one
Monday, January 04, 2010
He's in Mexico... anything goes.
VanDer said :
Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Apologies for missing the news that a word had infact been banned! It is still in the dictionary so thought it was fair game to use. Please reveal your identity masked officer of the language police and I can write you a formal educated apology.

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