The Dain Bramaged Cocktail and shot

Whether you're looking for a drink to rummage up for your house party, or want to show up a bar man who thinks he knows it all, DB are here to help.

Here are a couple of drinks we've rustled together for the holiday season. (You're welcome!)


The Dain Bramaged Cocktail.

Served in a tall glass, topped up with Cranberry and Pineapple juice, served on crushed ice (a hammer to a tea towel filled with ice cubes will suffice).

•1 part Disaronno (Amaretto)

•1 part havana club (golden rum)

•1 part havana 7yo (dark rum)

•1 part Myers (jamaican rum)

•1 part Kahlua (coffee liqueur)

•1 part Finlandia (Vodka)

"6 parts to a drink??? Sounds horrible!"

Oh no no no no, quite the opposite. It's fruity, fresh, and we defy anyone to dislike it.

We've chosen a few brands that you may be familiar with, but if you are a bit of a connoisseur, you may want to change it up a little.

Each measurement is equal in this drink (as indicated by "1 part"). How much you put in for each drink or punch, is up to you.

WARNING: You will not notice the alcohol content, and can drink these like a fish does water.

This can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage. You've been warned, and will get utterly Dain Bramaged.


Dain Bramaged Shot.

Served in a shot glass (or whatever you can conjure up)

•1 part Disaronno (Amaretto)

•1 part Bacardi 151 (151 proof rum)

•Drop of Baileys (irish cream) into the middle

WARNING: Don't feed your driver these. Not even one. He won't get very far, and nor will you...

Recognise :)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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