The T-Bar dream is over...

The Dain Bramaged crew are sad to announce that the dream is over. After much debate over how on earth T-Bar turn a profit with their famous egalitarian philosophy of not charging punters on the door, it has all sadly come to an end....kind of....

Announcing on their blog today that from the start of next year they will be charging an entrance fee on Friday and Saturday's after 11pm, it appears T-Bar have finally given up on their principles and succumbed to the capitalist beast. And we don't blame them really. We are dirty capitalists too after all. It was obvious it could not go on forever - nothing does. It is just a shame that one can no longer just turn up and dance.
On the plus side though - maybe now we will get some of the 'bigger' DJs playing on the weekend rather than on weeknights - thus stopping the internal 'we shouldn't really go out clubbing' debate those of us with proper jobs have when we see the like of Magda, Smagghe, Weatherall, Ghenachia et al playing on week nights. It hopefully will also lessen the douchebag contingent on the weekends....we hope.
And maybe, just maybe they may reinvest the extra profits into installing some kind of air conditioning system. Let's face it - the October Magda/Heartthrob night was not fun for anyone.

T-Bar, we still believe in you. Just don't make it too expensive!


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Anonymous said :
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
I liked the fact that it was on a Thursday when we saw Magda and Heartthrob, I think that was the main appeal for it for me, now it will just become another Friday and Saturday night club.

People were there on a Thursday night for a reason. Which always makes good for a great great party.
Anonymous said :
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
thursdays are generally great to go out on as it's people choosing to be there, and some of them (myself included) even have 'proper jobs'. i'd imagine the same goes on a wednesday. i can forego a couple of hours sleep once in a while when an opportunity like magda or the upcoming 12 days of tbar comes up. people are there for the music these djs play and there to have fun, not necessarily to get drunk or pop pills.

and these 'douchebags' will follow these bigger named DJs, so it will actually increase if what you hope for happens...which could spell the end of the tbar we know and love. just look at nights at fabric when they have massive headliners there...or compare the saturday night crowd to the sunday night wet yourself crowd. what set tbar apart is the fact they got in djs that were slightly underground, mainly to do with their promotions guy derren who really knows his stuff. the fact it's free sure helped as well i'm guessing, but all these factors are what built tbars community.

anyway, what the fucks a 'proper job'? a doctor? fire fighter? social worker?
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
"some of them (myself included) even have 'proper jobs'."...
..."what the fucks a 'proper job'? a doctor? fire fighter? social worker?"

So you're one of these three I presume?

DB's opinion on "what the fucks a 'proper' job":

your job (to keep you sweet)
my job (to keep me sweet)

...everything else outside of this bracket? Worthless. Needn't bother your arse.

On a serious note, fair point twice over, I think the Thursday night sessions were a great idea (does this mean to say they have stopped permanently?). The fact that the place was rammed just proved that it was completely viable. I'd compare these parties to after parties and day events, which for me, are some of the best parties going. They seem to draw in a type of "party person" if you will.

I also beg to differ that the Magda/Heartthrob wasn't fun for anyone... Everyone that reported back, couldn't help but bang on about it, the only downfall being the heat, but PSH get over it! Call it a work out and man up bitch Mr VanDer ;)

Even DB members can disagree :)
VanDer said :
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Thanks for your comments.....I have filed in the B.I.N

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