Favourite Tracks Thursday (03/12/09)

You know the score. If you don't, read below, otherwise skip and head straight for that "read more" option.

Each Thursday, we'll bring you our favourite 3 tracks of the week.

A lot of blogs bombard you with a load of nonsense about how good a track is, and try and be all whimsical in doing so. Or worse, they copy and paste the artists press release!

We're not going to even bother (especially the latter). Why? Because we're SO arrogant, and reckon you'll like everything we put up anyway, so it's for YOU to put the effort in, not us.

If we think it's really special, we might rave about it a little... let's just see how we get on ;)

RELEASE DATE: 30-11-2009
Artist: Ricardo Villalobos, Los Updates
Title: Driving Nowhere
Label: Nice Cat! Records
Catalogue number: NC01
Listen/Purchase: >Here

Pretty weird and twisted beat, with an equally weird and twisted vocal. Not for the faint hearted. Totally Villalobo. Original best version.

RELEASE DATE: 01-12-2009
Artist: ArkaNoiSe
Title: Crazy Knobs
Label: Wavecollective Records
Catalogue number: WAVE023
Listen/Purchase: >Here

Can't decide between original and Frank Garcia remix. Either way, we like them both (even if the artwork is a fail).
Expect glitchy, middle of the night, tech house.

RELEASE DATE: 30-11-2009
Artist: From Karaoke To Stardom
Title: Under The Black Flag
Label: Dumb Unit
Catalogue number: DUMBUNIT052
Listen/Purchase: >Here

Dumb Unit thicken us up with another little set of floor stompers. Definite After-party music. Favourite track? 6am Wisdom.
Other two tracks are geared for those into their weird percussion arrangements...

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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