Interview: MJ is alive!

MJ was rumored to have had a cardiac arrest at his home in Beverly Hills an unfortunate 6 months ago. But here at DB headquarters, we've found evidence to the contrary! Yes, MJ is in fact alive and well, and you can bet your back pocket fiver you heard it hear first.

He's going to be playing a VERY special show on the 12th December for one of London's favorite DJ's and promoters.
Haven't a clue what we're rabbiting on about? Kill the cat, and indulge your curiosity...

Mathew Jonson is of course who we're talking about silly, and Shane Watcha's Zombie Soundsystem will be playing host to him on the 12th December at London's new favorite haunt, Cable.

We caught up with the guys to see what they had to say about this exciting forthcoming fiesta...

How has settling into Cable been for you? The club seems (to us) to probably be the best thing that could have happened to London! Any regrets?
SW: I've never been one for regrets! I really enjoy sinking my teeth into a new venue..especially if it has a kick arse soundsystem (-:

Does it piss you off that Michael Jackson well and truly trounced you on getting those initials into the lime light first?
(If the thought of this upsets you too much, don't worry Mathew, Shane's initials are only one of the 4 ordinal directions!)
MJ: he was my main musical inspiration as a kid so no problem for me. not sure about his personal hobbies though...

What about you Shane? Your initials bug you? Or do you feel as a result, it's given you more aim in life?
SW: yeah definitely! my initials have given me loads of direction in life, always sending me in the wrong direction! lol

I'd say over the last couple of years, your sets (and I guess Zombie Soundsystem) has changed in sound. Would you agree?
Without putting words in your mouth, how would YOU describe it?
SW: my sets definetly do change over the years. I first got into DJIng with the more balearic side of house music. and i guess that still shows in my sets today where i will play a mix of sounds. I get bored quiet easily so always like to throw in a surprise. like last week i finished my set of at Circo Loco with a D n B track! so yeah love surprises.
A few years back when i started playing for circo loco / dc10 i very much got labelled with the minimal tag by people who never actually heard me DJ. However, from the day i started DJing, my sound has always been very much house based. Ofcourse i play minimal & techno records but i would never say I've been a strictly minimal or techno dj. I have always referred to my sound as "underground tech-house"

Your record label Wagon Repair has been releasing some really twisted noises since 2005. Where did that name came from? Any artists we should be watching out for in the future?
MJ: it came from one of the old partners in the label saying "that will fix your wagon" after hearing marionette for the first time. artists to watch in the future releases - dollz at play, mr. c, bea, hrdvsion, danuel tate.

can you please tell us who is responsible for the Wagon Repair artwork?
MJ: my ex wife frank. if we didnt have her art the label would not be the same! its the perfect face for the label's music. ; )

Your tracks are some of the longest going, and as a DJ, are great if you need the toilet! How do you manage to keep a track interesting for so long? Using any interesting bits of kit we should know about to make some of those weird and wonderful noises of yours?
MJ: if you put multi-tap delays with slow phazers and reverb on synths the tracks mix themselves.

Where do you guys like to get Dain Bramaged on a night out, and what remedies do you have for a fast and speedy recovery the next day?
MJ: usually the toilet works best.... as for speedy recovery usually just lots of sex and movies i guess.

SW: i'm happy to get shit faced blowjob & spliff is great remedy! lots of cuddles & plenty sleep. and the next day maybe some yoga to re-energize (-:

Lovely stuff ;) Cheers guys!

You can catch Mathew Jonson and Shane Watcha this Saturday 12th December for one of Zombie Soundsystems biggest shows yet at Cable nightclub, London.

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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