Voted 2nd for top recommended nights out in the South-East by DJ MAG? Tell us more!

A Lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon passes through Earth's shadow.
A Lunar party occurs when Carrie and Sam says it does.

Every now and again, we hear of a little "shumfin shumfin" happening within spitting distance of one of our many, MANY international contacts and henchmen (that doubles as a warning shot for anyone thinking of starting any funny business!). And just as rarely, but equally as much, we'd like to share this with the likes of you, you and you :)
Influenced by the likes of Ibiza's legendary DC10, 2 girls have made it their mission to bring the home of BBC Radio Berkshire, a night of true house and techno debauchery. Having been voted 2nd for top recommended nights out in the South-East by DJ MAG, and with having heard so many
good things, we decided to have a quick chat with them ahead of their November show...

What's crack-a-lack-a-lacking ladies =)
We've heard lots of bits and pieces about you girls, but want to know more! So tell us what you're striving for, how often the night is, and how you think you're changing the way Reading moves and grooves...
Carrie: Well the night, for starters, only happens 4 times a year, which gives us the capacity to make is as special as we can! We're trying to educate the Reading socialites, and give them an idea of why we love the underground music scene.
Sam: Yeah, techno & tech-house encompasses a scene; it brings people together to create an atompsophere and party like none other, and we really
feel we've represented this with Lunar.

"Everything from his tune selection to his technical ability; he completely encompassed everything we wanted Lunar to be about."

We know Carries influences include Ibiza's DC10, but what else has inspired you to put on these parties?
Carrie: Cocoon at Amnesia 2007 was my inspiration! I only really got into techno that summer, when I heard Diablo (Dubfire vs Oliver Hunterman) on the radio. I had no clue even what sort of music it was - only that it inspired me so much I then text the tune over to Sam, asking if she could play it on one of the boat party's I was throwing at the time. Shortly after, our group hit Ibiza where I went to Cocoon for the first time. Completely blown away, I was adament we had to do something in Reading to bring a little taste of this home with us, and so Lunar was born!

We're glad to see you have our good man and old Turnmills resident Ash Verschuur spinning on the night, but tell us a little more about yourself Sam? What can we expect to hear?
Sam: My style is very techno and tech-house, but would never pin myself to just the two. If a track works its way into my set, and sounds
great, then it gets to stay! I take my inspiration from artists like Svan Vath, Richie Hawtin, Danny Howells, and Steve Bug (if that gives you any clues?!).

What past shows have been highlights for you?
Sam: I think a number of underground events I do in Ibiza always float my boat, and then I get asked to come back to Ministry Of Sound every now and again, which is always a pleasure!

...and your other resident?
Carrie: Adam's highlight for me was the second time he played for us. The first time blew us away - bearing in mind this was his first ever gig - everything from his tune selection to his technical ability; he completely encompassed everything we wanted Lunar to be about. We quickly realised this was a very special raw talent, which is why after his second gig with us we wanted to bring him on board with Lunar on a more permanent basis, he was to be our secret weapon!

Finally, we've heard you guys love to get really REALLY Dain Bramaged on a night out. Other than your own night (obviously), where do you like to party, and what helps you fight those next day blues? Any secret family remedies you'd like to share?
Carrie & Sam: NOTHING can save us after a heavy one lol!! Although salt and vinegar Walkers and a fat boy Coke sometimes seem to be a saviour. Around Reading there are more and more underground nights popping up which is great if you want to stay local. If not, we tend to follow Cocoon, Minus, Electric City or really just wherever has a good night on. We love the sort of house-minimal played at nights like Monsa at Privilege too so we just tend to see who's playing where really!

Thanks guys, it's been Astronomical (Couldn't help myself!)
Lunar will be held @ Bar Mango, Reading, Friday 13th November (ooOOooo scary)
Dj's on the night:
Main Room:
Welfare for the Digital- Live Set (Sedition)
Ash Verschuur (Turnmills)
Sam Red (resident)
Adam Jaworski (resident)
Garden Terrace:
Sound Gypsy

Info/Guestlist/Concessions, email: or tel: Carrie on 07917611162

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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