Facebook group "Name and Shame" causes a stir in the music industry...

I don't think I've ever really cared too much about facebook groups. I follow the odd one or two to keep up to date with events and such, but other than that, I couldn't give two shitty sticks (second swear word of the blog...get in).
However, the recent launch (and sudden closure) of one of Facebook's most exciting groups to emerge, caught the eye of not only myself, but several high profile DJ's in the house and techno scene too...

This group was called "Name and shame dodgy promoters and venues". It did exactly what it says on the tin. Fake accounts were created by unknown sources spouting slanderous remarks left right and centre. While promoters challenged each comment made, onlookers grinned as they watched a few fight their corner, some winning, others not so well.

Artists such as Mr C, Phil Drummond, Shane Watcha, and Danny Rampling were all spotted as members to the group, with Danny Rampling pledging his full support towards the group in a post where he referred to it as "a great idea," and that "all dodgy promoters should be named and shamed, and really get what they deserve".

"It did get a bit out of hand. The funny thing is I set it up when I was pissed" reported Dave, the creator of the Facebook group. "Facebook deleted it and gave me a warning. I think someone reported it...
Although it was getting a little out of hand, it did seem to be bringing the club scene together in a weird kind of way."

And Dave was right. There were a number of posts clearly outweighing the abuse, that had people discussing what the industry really meant to them, and in numerous cases, when a fake account had been created, people would discuss and show support, with that promoter ending up better off than they did in the first place!

"Some people have off days," said Phil Drummond. "The day you dealt with that promoter was his off day. I've dealt with several others mentioned, and they've treated me with the utmost respect".

Well what a wonderfully entertaining kafuffle this has been! Bring on the next group we say ;)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

2 Responses to "Facebook group "Name and Shame" causes a stir in the music industry..."

Anonymous said :
Friday, November 13, 2009
This isnt my blog but i got sent the link and have forwarded it on.
I loved that group, it was f**king funny at times and had some serious points to it, although i wasnt responsible for those!!

Good luck with this blog, looks great

Phil Drummond
Anonymous said :
Friday, November 13, 2009
Should probably start a whole new conversation on this blog right now?

Best of all, you wouldn't even need to go to the effort of creating a fake profile ;)

Soph x (or am i?!)

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