Inteview with Raymundo Rodriguez!

Qué pasa people?
We have a number of favourites that we're always keen to talk to, and so far, we've managed to blag our way into each and everyone of their lives (with some top interviews already done and waiting to be posted!) It was with this spirit, and after a great little piece with Manu-L, we got a bit interview stir-crazy, and hit up one of London's most loved after party residents, DJ's and socialites, Raymundo Rodriguez.

First off, How the FUCK are you? (third swear word of the blog...get in)
Slept much recently? (knowing full well the answer's going to be no...Mr Dj-that-never-sleeps!)

Lol!! I’m good thanks, life has become quite hectic of late, so my staying up skills have become even more vital! I have a nap pencilled in for the end of January.

What's the longest stretch you've gone without sleep?
Errr...let’s just say i once ended up Djing for around 20 hours straight at one particular after after party, the funny thing was, that my fellow dirt bags actually moaned at me to carry on after i dropped my last track..madness!! kind of put a full stop in my mind in regards to thinking of that site as a music/clubbing venue

Over the years, you've been one of few successful DJ's to really make a name for themselves on just DJ talent alone. How come it's only of recent, that you've started releasing records?
I started collecting records from a very young age, so the Djing was just a natural progression from that really, it was just a way for me to share my collection with others, starting off in small house parties and slowly progressing to Bars and warm up sets in clubs. I guess that kind of foundation affected how i viewed the role of a DJ, to me it has always been about having the special tracks to get a dance floor moving, whether it’s very new upfront shiz or the more classic and obscure gems. That is the main reason why I have only just started making music now, it means i can just enjoy the experience and experiment without having to worry about making hits just to get gigs

Your tracks are really groovy, uplifting, and clearly encompass those classic Jaded sounds we know and live for on a Sunday morning. The new EP "The 3 Colours" out today (Monday 15th Nov), again, gives us that minimalist, soulful sound that gets your feet twitching, and nana jiving (that's right people, your nana jives too!).
Do you feel this jacking, sunshine sound is the new minimal of the underground house and techno scene?

There is definitely a more happy and warm vibe in the music being played in the clubs at the moment, with a lot of jocks dropping more deep funk fueled, latin and African rhythms instead of the harder electronic sounds that ruled a few years back, and it definitely suits my eclectic style of Djing, it’s all about making people move while keeping the smiles on their faces.

In the studio, what's been your favourite bit of kit that's helped you make the most twisted of noises?
Alongside trusty Logic, we also use a Virus B Synthesizer, it’s perfect for producing twisted and original sounds.

It's only in the last month or so, I've spotted you jetting back and forth for a residency over in Roma. Now I'm not certain about the rest of London, but I'm not sure how I feel about sharing? How did this all start? Must be quite the trip to take every Friday? (Maybe you should stop? Roma doesn't love you the way we do!)
Lol!! I don’t know, they seem to be catching the Ray fever quite quickly, it all started with call from Soul Heaven DJ Neil Pierce at the end of 2008, he told me that some friends of his were opening a venue in Rome and were looking for a Dj who was a bit of an all rounder sound wise, leaning more towards the tougher and electronic side of things, he suggested me, they got in touch, and after emails and mixes went back and fourth for a few months i got the call that they wanted me to be their weekly Friday night resident, which i have been since January 2009, to put it in perspective, it’s like being invited to play at the Italian equivalent of Fabric or Panarama bar....every week!! It is one of those real pinch yourself type situations.

7. When I hear Roman Londoner, two things spring to mind...

Firstly, an italian born, east london-bred gypsy, bound by the earths idea that mankind should travel. Secondly? A centurion.
Which is it? Maybe a nice little mixture of the two? Tell us a little more about where the name came from...
The name was basically a shout out really, i wanted to give some props to London for being so good to me over the years and to make it clear that no matter where i travel to i will always try to spin as much as possible in my home town, and the Rome name check was show my dedication to creating a similar situation in Italy..hence the Roman Londoner, a tribute to two great cities.

8. What do you (honestly) think about The Den and Centro? (especially with the knowledge that I regularly receive messages with "ladies in for free tonight!" as the subject?!
Oooh!! A hot potato! Through Jaded, we forged quite a close working relationship with everyone who was behind the running of The End, being there every week, we were made to feel like part of the family, so it hit us hard when we heard it was going to close, and after the big emotional finale (with Jaded hosting the very end of The End party) it kind of put a full stop in my mind in regards to thinking of that site as a music/clubbing venue. Ghost in Farringdon is very much Jaded's home now.


9. Finally, where in the world is your favourite place to go and get Dain Bramaged on a night out (excluding Jaded!), and what are your remedies for a quick and speedy recovery the next day?
I had the pleasure of being invited to play at Bar 25 in Berlin over the summer and I have to say the city took my breath away, i had heard how great it was, but nothing prepared me for the amazing vibe and music that i discovered when i got there, i had the best time and can’t wait to go back, and next day recovery is all about minimal activity, dvds and Chinese food, in particular the 1997 restaurant in London’s China town..yum!!

Cheers Raymundo!
Forgot to ask if the photographer could please get credited..he is a very nice chap. :-)
Sure thing Raymundo ;)
Photography by Antony Curtis-Quick

Catch Raymundo weekly at his Residency @ Jaded (UK), and again in Roma @ White Noise (Italia)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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Lee Jarvis said :
Friday, November 20, 2009
Raymundo still bringing the heat! Good to see / hear :)

The new blog looks cool, I'l be checkin back regularly ;)

Lee J.

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