Favourite Tracks Thursday (19/11/09)

Each Thursday, we'll bring you our favourite 3 tracks of the week.

A lot of blogs bombard you with a load of nonsense about how good a track is, and try and be all whimsical in doing so. Or worse, they copy and paste the artists press release!

We're not going to even bother (especially the latter). Why? Because we're SO arrogant, and reckon you'll like everything we put up anyway, so it's for YOU to put the effort in, not us.

If we think it's really special, we might rave about it a little... let's just see how we get on ;)

RELEASE DATE: 19-11-2009
Artist: Latscho Palme
Title: Eat More Fluff, Puma, Shponggg
Label: Plattenbau Music
Catalogue number: PBM004
Listen/Purchase: >Here

If you're a Stimming fan, you'll enjoy this, so erm...yeah, go get it. Even if you're not a Stimming fan, I don't care, just go get this, it's ace.

RELEASE DATE: 19-11-2009
Artist: Sizemoreism
Title: Tweaklund Cuts EP
Label: Mindsounds
Catalogue number: MNDSNDS019
Listen/Purchase: >Here

VERY glitchy, progressive sound for the first two tracks, then a really nice "ridin' riddem" as we like to put it. Worth purchasing the latter!

RELEASE DATE: 19-11-2009
Artist: Martyn / dOP
Title: Tucan EP
Label: Watergate
Catalogue number: WGVinyl01
Listen/Purchase: >Here

This is one for the vinyl lovers...Limited 12" EP (though still available on MP3). Deep-progressive-melodic (whatever that means?). Weird vocals, but really cool Berlin-esque.

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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lofty said :
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
That Latscho Palme is niiiiiiiiiiice
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
real nice, yeah

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