Interview with Ibiza and Italia legend, Manu-L!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, back in November 2007 actually, I was minding my own business (as you should), when I received a download link to my inbox (as you do) from a fellow house music fanatic (as you are).

...No, my memory isn't that good, I just looked on my itunes ;) But as God as my witness, and Star Wars as my intro, I did not know I was entering into what would be, one of my favourite mixes for some time. Hailing from Italia, but firmly established around Europe, we spoke to Minimal Hospital's head surgeon, Manu-L for a quick Dain Bramaged check up...

Hi Manu-L =)

We hear that you have a new release out a few days ago? Tell us a bit about it...
Manu-L: Yes right now I am out with my latest EP on OFF recordings (fresh label from Berlin that since one year is rockin the underground new house scene!!)
This release has been made with the collaboration of Paul Cart a young italian talent that is raising up lately..
its a bout techouse minimal 100 percent aimed at the dancefloor with massive bassline and catchy vocals..It also contains a remix from Nima Gorji which i dont need to spend words about his talent and quality of releases! He completes the package in the perfect way!!

"when we made this track we did not even think about it getting signed so quickly as it did..."

Any funny stories from the studio or during the time making it?
Manu-L:The funny story is that when we made this track we did not even think about it getting signed so quickly as it did... We were contacted by Andre Crom (the OFF label manager) as he heard the tunes on myspace player, you know...and now today we are running around the top ten charts of all the best online vinyl sellers !!!!

Favourite bit of studio equipment that help you make some real twisted sound?
Manu-L:My testimonial would be for sure my APS studio monitors which help me a lot with sound quality.And as for the best tools i can say ROLAND 909 ----> no more else to say if you know this machine qualities!!! jejeje
(*readers note: jejeje = hehehe in spanish!)

We know your night 'Minimal Hospital' very well (lived down the road from Corsica for about 1 year!) and know that you guys do a lot of parties in Ibiza and Italia...and how big the crew is! What made you decide to start doing parties in the UK? How do the scenes differ and exactly how many people are involved in Minimal Hospital?!
Manu-L:Basically we are a crew of italian guys all from Sardinia Island..everyone from the same small
small town..that means that we are old brothers...we are 5 alll spread in different countries and pushing the parties in the different places where we are living in the differents seasons (with season i mean summer and winter as you know that ibiza is alive just in the summertime!!).Every different place has different vibes. London is great especially during the winter when we focus on our nights...but we can get the best vibe from everywhere we put up a party and luckily have always different customers following us!!

'MH' has been known for bringing up and coming DJ's to the peoples attention. Has there been anybody you feel you "made", or even, people who think you made them?
Manu-L:The only people I think we MADE are ourselves as a crew of resident djs...Of course big respect to our guests djs which we always have, and really try to select the upcoming underground scene, scouting the talents from their releases and djsets. But sometimes, the parties are made up of just the residents, which allows us to ada
pt the kind of party that our customers expect from Minimal Hospital.

Finally, where in the world is your favourite place to go and get Dain Bramaged on a night out, and what are your remedies for a quick and speedy recovery the next day?
Manu-L:I think when you do this job and you have the chance to play in many differents cities so fast you get the best from the crowd who is always ready to transmit you the good vibe. But of course i got special places like BERLIN-Watergate, and Ibiza especially the small afterparties in villas beside the pool with the sun shining where the best recovery-remedy is laid down on the beach with the umbrella shadow and fresh fr
uits and juice!!!!!! as nature wants!!!

Haha, love it. Great way to end the interview. Cheers Manu-L!

Look out for our EXCLUSIVE LIVE MANU-L mix CD coming soon (so excited, I put that in capitals and colour). You can catch Manu-L at one of his shows in Europe listed below, and keep up to date with any up and coming shows on his myspace by clicking here.

13 Nov 09 - Manu-L @ TouchMe at SKYLIGHT (Verona IT)

14 Nov 09 - Manu-L @ M+H & Zoo Project at CABLE (London UK)

15 Nov 09 - Manu-L @ Fuse afterparty (London UK)

Dain Bramanged Manu-L (Minimal Hospital)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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