What a Tramp...

Police in Melbourne have been ordered to pay 'Tramp' nightclub $9000 in legal costs after a failed prosecution over how loud the venue was playing its music.
The liquor licensing people said the venue did not have enough security personnel on duty while playing loud music.
Tramp told them to jog on, and the magistrates court ordered Victoria Police to cough up.

Clubland, one. System, nil.

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Melbourne's problems with liquor licensing has seen venues under scrutiny for just having someone who looks intoxicated in the venue. Over-policed? Tick.

In a funny twist to the story, a former high ranking officer working for the liquor licensing, now works to support the bars and clubs getting bullied by these incoherent numbnuts. One venue recently spoke to us (in confidence) about some problems they've been having, and how they went about resolving them.

"The liquor licensing people were on our case for months" said the owner.
"It was uncalled for and unnecessary. We aren't even a troublesome venue [which is more than can be said for other local venues], and time and time found ourselves threatened with $13000 fines for having someone who looked drunk, or the music too loud, etc. We then hired the support of this liquor license expert, and have been given all kinds of advise and help in tackling these people, and now, for the first time, have got control over them for a change."

If you would like more information on how you can deal with the liquor licensing people in your venue, get in touch (hello@iamdainbramaged.com).

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