EXCLUSIVE MIX: Kath Harding CD001

First in the series of the (I AM) Dain Bramaged exclusive MIX CD series from our favourite local artists throughout the London, Melbourne and Ibiza scenes :)

Kath Harding | CD001 | March 2010

Hailing from South Africa, but residing in London, comes one of London's most local and exciting DJ-come-promoters in a city of foolproof fun and infallible memories.

Best known for her highly esteemed 'WiSH' events in both London & Paris, Kath has played a number of the major venues and events across London, including Fabric, Egg, and Jaded, alongside headline artists such as Tim Sheridan, Reset Robot and Misstress De Funk AND internationals such as Chloé, Mlle Caro, and Jennifer Cardini (and that's only naming a few!).

We had a babble with little Miss Harding to find out what makes her tick as a DJ, and how we can get inside that head of hers and understand the direction of her mix...

What mood would you describe the mix? Throw us your best descriptives!
Hmm, this would have to be a dreamy kind of mix...one of those dreams that starts with fluffy clouds and all things soft-centred but transforms into a bit of a risk√© sweaty (good kind of sweaty) dream. As with most of my mixes its got a big fat dose of ‘hello-africa-give-me-some-drums’ in it.

What mood were you in when you made the mix?
Comatose would best describe my mood, I’d had a sleepless night.

How many hours sleep did you get the night previous?
Probably in total about 2hours...not because of painting the town red though. simply a brain-drained sleepless night.

What food does a DJ need to fill its belly with ahead of a mix?
Food? (looks this strange word up in the dictionary) Aaah ok, I know what you mean. A couple of good strong coffees, that’s the food of this dj!

Where can we see Kath playing in the future?
I'm playing for Wish and Jaded's new adventure, Zoetrope, which launches at Cable on Easter Sunday. We're so excited about it, its something new and fresh. Then off to Paris in April for a gig at Les Filles de Paris followed by Wish in Paris soon after that. There is plenty more happening inbetween and all around those gigs - keep an eye on my website and facebook for details. www.club-wish.co.uk

Thanks Kath :)
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