Interview with Cesare Vs. Disorder (just in time for his Australian tour!)

I used to live a little too close to an actual mental hospital (and no I don't know what the politically correct term is, so fuck off?...4th swear word of the blog, get in). I once heard on a grapevine a guy escaped, ran riot on the bonnet of my mates
car, and was subsequently chased, pinned, injected, and dragged back in.
Point being, I was always told to avoid "them". Stupidly though, I've gone and got myself involved with "one". Let's take a look at what Cesare vs Disorder had to say for himself and his "friend" [just] ahead of "their" Australian tour...

Hi guy(s)?! So which one of you is it that can't spell?! Your MySpace page suggests you're playing in "Sidney"? Tell us a little about you and your (and I quote) "best friend Disorder"? ;)
Cesare Vs. Disorder: Ahahhh..yeah! Hello, well..usual question for years! They normally ask me: “who‘s Cesare and who‘s Disorder?” or, “where is Disorder?” , you have chosen a new path for that very same question! and..I genuinely thought at this point everybody would know that Cesare vs Disorder is just me.
Cesare Marchese. Disappointed? :P

Yes, I’m very looking forward to play in is the first time for me on this side of the world! I will touch Sydney and Melbourne this time and I gotta say I’m very excited! And this flight is killing me...I can’t wait to see the Oz sunshine! (*readers note: Incase anyone didn't realize, this interview was done on the plane heading into Australia! Continue reading...)

Artists are often quoted years down the line for summing up their musical style in a nut shell (most famous being Danny Howells with his "deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse"). How would you best describe your style? What can we expect to hear from the Australian tour?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: It is difficult to sum up a musical style in just a few words but of course if I had to describe mine I would definitely say that is a big mix of genres...techno, house, disco, electro..but also jazz, funk, hip/trip hop, dub, rock n roll..and a touch of pop. Yes, sexy, sometimes deep, sometimes lighter but it won’t ever gets cheesey, my word.

What's your favourite bit of studio kit to make twisted sounds on?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: I use a lot of toys to make my sound..don’t have a favourite really..I love to experiment each time, trying different ways to get to my final sound. I use real instruments such a bass guitar, various percussions..hardware such as a 505 or a Electribe..some synths, a lot of Vsts and plug in’s: Reaktor, Native Instruments..and I mix it all up with samples I find around, pieces from old tunes, voice recorded and manipulated. I discover new ways of creating my fun daily! I would get very bored quickly if I used the same recipe every time.

Have you got any releases coming soon we should be aware of? Maybe under different production names? any sneak previews for us?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: Yes, a few interesting things coming up very ep on Munich based label Stock5 called “Her Dream ep” that will be finally out in the next 2 weeks (I wrote this record more than a year ago!)..a few rmxs in different labels in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany..
But the best will be next January I will release a beautiful ep (Battle for mouths) on my label Mean with my best friend Rainer including a great rmx by Kate Simko, another ep as Queen Atom (my 2nd alias if u didn’t t know yet), called Blu Samba, with special appearances by Seuil and Ahmet Sisman, a tune on the next Remake Music and a ep on Safari Electronique, with remix by Anthony Collins. Also my debut album as Cesare vs Disorder on Mean with Mr Cabanne himself working with me as well as more big surprises (I can’ t reveal yet!) and a possible album at the end of the year as Queen Atom on Dumb Unit.

You're the second Italian stallion we've interviewed, and the second that seems to be in the UK a lot! What made you come over to live and work in London?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: Yeah...I’ve actually been living in London for the past 8 I travel nearly every weekend, so I spend my weekdays in the capital, but most of my days are in studio. Initially I moved to London to follow my dreams as a dj/producer..London has always been at the top of the list where music is the subject..a big history in lot of different kinds of music..Rock n Roll, Dub, Reggae, Drum n Bass, house, Techno, Trance, Broken Beats, Soul, Hip Hop, Trip Hop..there is so much music out there! It is the perfect place to pursue a musical career, there are possibilities for everyone..a lot of competition also, but a lot of good inspiration..that s why I moved there.

Who was the first one if I can ask?
The first one was Manu-L from Minimal Hospital! Mad, mad props to him :)

Any producers in your record box we should know about?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: Rudolf, Rainer, Canary Fontaine, Zippy, Allan Bart, Pablo Tarno from my lovely Mean/Serialism/EssentialReload crew in London..very good friends/collaborators and very talented artists. Watch out for those ones.

Finally, what is a good night out for you? Where do you like to go and get brain damaged, and how do you recover the next day?
Cesare Vs. Disorder: I am nearly every weekend in clubs. It isn't a choice for me at this point, but I’m trying to do the least damage to myself as possible..trying to select when I will party hard and when instead I will do my job and go to sleep. It is demanding and un-healthy either way, but it is important to avoid losing yourself in the vicious nightlife.
How do I recover?.ahah..that‘s a good question! Good food, silence (at least the day after the weekend) and love!
When I’m not in a club for working reasons I prefer to hang out with my friends, attend some exhibitions, watch a movie with my partner and have nice relaxed dinners out. I love to travel with my soul mate far from clubs and music addicts.

Thank's Cesare!

You can catch Cesare Vs. Disorder at
Lab's 4th Birthday this Friday November 27th in Melbourne, and again at Subsonic Music Festival 4th, 5th, and 6th of December in Melbourne, "Sidney" (Cesare's spelling, not ours!)

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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