The future of dance music television?

Have you ever been at a festival, and your mates have said they were in one place the entire night, but you could never find them for all the love nor toffee in Yorkshire?
Well now's your chance to find out if the buggers were lying or not...; a concept introduced to dance music events and festivals in September 2008,brings you live recordings of events for those who missed it, those who want to get closer to the DJ booth, and those who just want to check if they're mates were really where they said they were.

With only 25,000 members, and in its BETA stage (that's "geek" for testing stage), the software can be a little sluggish if you're on a poor internet connection, but once it loads, it's a great way of reliving a few festival moments, and checking out what the DJ is really up to in that booth.

I've already used it to find a mate who I tried looking for at Bestival, who "lied" and said he was at the front...
Sure enough, he was exactly at the front, EXACTLY where he said he was and would be... Oops!

Getting big support from the likes of DJ Magazine, Pete Tong's 'Wonderland' in Ibiza, and all the major festivals, look out for the cameras lurking at the next big event you hit up, and pull a REALLY stupid face, then let us know ;)

Check out the site here and the facebook here!
And if you sign up, join our group and say hello! (I AM) Dain Bramaged group

(I AM) Dain Bramaged

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