Matter Club London Closes Down

It’s been made official – London superclub ‘matter’, based at the O2 dome in Greenwich, has been closed down and is likely to never open its doors again. Problems with the Jubilee Line, lack of transport facilities, distant location and the recession have led to poorer than expected attendances in this, one of London’s last true superclubs. It’s not clear whether they will put on one last night or not – so keep your eyes peeled for that as tickets will go in seconds if they do.
Rumours of Matter’s closure begun circulating on the Ravetalk forums on 16 May, and DJ Yousef had also confirmed the closure on the Circus Club forum. The forum thread was later removed, but it is reported that he said:
“You may as well hear it from me. Due to many reasons, the main one being the lack of transport to the venue, Matter has shut for the summer. Sad times. They are an amazing bunch down there.”
Following this, comments posted on forums have confirmed this, with someone who preferred to remain anonymous saying:
“I work for Matter London. It has closed for the indefinite future. They say it may open at the end of the summer, but how likely of this we are unsure. Look out for an official statement within the next few days!”
Earlier today, Isobel1 said:
“I also work at Matter…. it is definatly closing and there is no way we can open after the summer. It has been struggling ever since it opened with many job losses from literally day one. We are in alot of debt which cannot be paid due to the running costs of the venue and the amounts that DJs charge for appearances. Its a sad day but it is true.”
Matter opened on 19 September 2008, after three years of planning. Boasting a 2,600 capacity , it was the second project for owners Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly, founders of Fabric. With its demise, we have lost a club kitted out with several unique visual installations, a sound system of some 200 speakers(!) and the next generation version of Fabric’s ‘BodySonic’ dance floor, the ‘BodyKinetic’ floor.
With yet another superclub closing down, the ‘demise of the superclub’ debate will once again be re-ignited, with universal whispers of us losing Fabric (result?) at the forefront of most peoples thoughts. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Ministry Of Sound follows suit? (I can’t say I’ll be too upset about that if I’m honest). Let’s wait and see…


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Jammy said :
Thursday, May 20, 2010
Harriet Blackburn said :
Thursday, May 20, 2010
And I never went! When will I learn!?
Thursday, May 20, 2010
it's shit anyway.
Harriet Blackburn said :
Thursday, May 20, 2010
Oooh ok, one of them ones isit? I get ya.

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